Rest periods // During public holidays and Sundays we may be closed or have a different time table but we will inform you prior to these events.




During the times offered you can take part in strength training in the weight room, or participate in your martial art courses.

From children, adolescents and first-time fighters who want to make the first competitive experience to ambitious recreational athletes and professional fighters. All facets are reflected in our daily work.

The competition roots of Ringside Gym go back to the mid-nineties. Due to the original practice of Muay Thai (Thai boxing), until 2002 our team was only competing in this traditional Thai martial art.


In the meantime, a fundamental expansion of our sports and coaching team took place so that we are well positioned in the modern MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling.


By continuously aligning our own competition formats, we create a seal of quality which is reflected in the daily training.


Professional European champion


Our trainer Caroline Abe was on 23.04.2016 in Talheim, Professional European Champion in the K-1 version of A.F.S.O. Hard work and diligence pay off in the end!


We congratulate her once again to this great success and look forward to having this great athlete on our team.

2016 Professional
European champion

in K-1 of the AFSO -61.2 Kg


With the series of events "Muay Thai Open" we offer amateur athletes and especially the youngsters the opportunity to regularly participate in competitions for Muay Thai. The goal is to grow the sport through a social event and the promotion of amateur Muay Thai beyond major professional events. This encourages networking of athletes and schools with each other.

In addition to the original venue in Berlin more and more competitions of the Muay Thai Open are taking place in other German cities. Further information and current competition dates are available at

The "Heroes Fightnight" is a large professional event series, in which Muay Thai fighters from all over the world meet in individual matches to demonstrate their skills and prove who is the best.


Further information and current competitions dates:

The Heroes is especially proud of their participants from the Berlin area, as the event itself has its roots in the capital and thus provides the undisputed proof that Berlin has a lot to offer in the area of martial arts.

Our BJJ and Grappling team has joined under the direction of Markus Schmidt, Shuga Ludwig and Elijaih Funston our competition team has grown over the years and has had great success. Numerous amateur and professional tournaments are held in Berlin and abroad that we actively participate in.


Even in the meantime as the supreme discipline of martial arts valid "MMA" (Mixed-Martial-Arts), we can produce fighters again and again. To get there you need years of training and solid fundamentals in stand-up fighting (Muay Thai / Boxing) and especially in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling.






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