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The physical and cognitive challenges that modern martial arts demands are more than just a new experience for you and your body. Over time, they have been shown to lead to significantly increased self-esteem. More than in any other sports, our younger course participants learn to assert themselves in a playful way and with that what it means to face a challenge as a group and to master it through joint efforts. Adults Children & Teenager

Unlimited freedom. We don't do separate classes for trial members. With a Trial-Ticket, you directly participate in an active group and get a real insight into the daily training. We offer Trial-Tickets for all of our martial arts, groups, and courses. This means that you can take your time trying things out before you decide to become a member. complete training your choice all Inclusive With a Trial-Ticket, you also have the choice to participate in our kettlebell athletic classes, our yoga group for martial artists, or our open gym times. No more excuses! With a Trial-Ticket, you are not automatically tied to any membership. Your trial period is expired? Just try another course before you decide. The trial tickets already include all costs incurred during your trial period. This way, you can take part in our athletic courses or open gym times without hesitation. no contract no hidden costs start when ready Your training, your schedule! With your selection in the RS-Shop, you can freely decide when your trial month shall begin with us.

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Wir öffnen immer 15 Minuten vor dem ersten Kursbeginn.