10DAY FlexPass


10 days of training in all sports and courses, whenever you want.

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A Muay Thai course today and a BJJ training tomorrow? Or how about a spontaneous yoga class or a crisp circuit training at the weekend? With our 10DAY FlexPass, you can make your very own course schedule and get the maximum freedom to train in the sports you love whenever you want! No contract and no stress involved!

Prior knowledge and/or specific training equipment are sometimes required to participate in some courses. Please check this in the respective course description.

With a 10DAY FlexPass, you can participate in up to ten days of training in the courses of your choice. During those ten days, you will benefit from all the amenities offered by a premium membership at Ringside Gym©. That includes all our sports offerings like BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, Escrima, or Boxing. Additionally, you can participate in the morning group (all-level training), the heavybag / pad workouts, as well as our yoga classes, kettlebell training, and circuit training classes. Of course, our weight room is also available to you during the Open Gym hours.

The FlexPass is personalized and cannot be given to a third person. Once purchased, it is valid for up to 3 years. To use a date on your FlexPass, register for a class of your choice through our regular course registration. On the day of your class, we will register your attendance at the Gym Counter and remove your used date from your FlexPass allotment.

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