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Try our Mixed Martial Arts training for adults for 7 days without any obligation.


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Do you need more leeway in your schedule, or love to squeeze in an intensive week of training between your projects? Then our Mixed Martial Arts OneWeek Pass offers you just the right amount of flexibility and spontaneity!

No previous experience is required to participate in adult MMA classes.

With this MMA – OneWeek-Pass, you get the opportunity to participate in our Mixed Martial Arts training for adults for seven days. Your training week starts with the start date, which you can choose during the order process. During your training week, you will benefit from all the amenities of a Premium Membership at Ringside Gym©, which means that you can also join the morning group (all-level training), our Kettlebell-Athletic group, the circuittraining or our Yoga classes for martial artists. Of course, our weight room is also available to you during Open Gym hours.

*You will need a gi (kimono) to participate in all classes. We offer you the possibility of borrowing a standard gi from our Gym in an emergency. Alternatively, until you get a gi, you can participate in the no-gi classes where no-gi is worn during training. You also need a pair of grappling gloves for your MMA training. We recommend our STARTER KIT – MIXED MARTIAL ARTS for this training course which you can find in the Ringside Shop. The Kit includes MMA gloves, a mouth guard, and boxing bandages.

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Time period

7 Days / 1 Week


Mixed Martial Arts

Type of training


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Age group



MMA Gloves / Rashguard


Montag – Freitag
09.30 – 11.30 Uhr
16.30 – 22.00 Uhr

10.00 – 14.00 Uhr

Wir öffnen immer 15 Minuten vor dem ersten Kursbeginn.