Starter-Kit Muay Thai • Boxing


Includes a pair of boxing gloves (12oz), a mouth guard and hand bandages.

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Do you want to start with Muay Thai or boxing at the Ringside Gym©, but you lack the necessary equipment? Then our starter kit will fit you well. The package includes a pair of high-quality boxing gloves (12oz) with foam padding and Velcro closure. Also included is a mouthguard with gel-fit technology and one pair of extra elastic boxing bandages with quick release (4m).

PLEASE NOTE that we currently do not ship equipment! After your purchase, your articles are reserved for you so that you can pick up your order at your next visit to Ringside Gym©.

Our boxing gloves are made from an extra lightweight synthetic material, with a weight of 12oz. That makes them light enough for fast movements but protective enough for heavy counterattacks due to the foam padding. They have excellent ventilation inside, specially designed for long and sweaty workouts. In addition, the Velcro closure ensures that you can quickly put them on and off by yourself during the exercises.

The Starter Kit comes with a pair of incredibly elastic boxing bandages to go with your new boxing gloves. These bandages, each 4 meters long, protect your joints when hitting and support your movements simultaneously so that you can wear them throughout the entire course. Due to the extended Velcro closure, they stay firmly on the wrist and do not loosen or detach from the hand during training. The cotton-heavy material also encourages movement and allows enough air to reach your skin, even over extended periods.

Also essential in every full-contact martial arts is a high-quality mouthguard to protect your teeth. Here, the unique Gel-Fit technology ensures that it adapts perfectly to your bite, and it always stays in place during your movements. The mouthguard is small enough to be worn during the entire training and, at the same time, sufficiently robust to protect you even from harder strikes. Also included in the package is a durable storage case always to keep your mouthguard safe and hygienic.

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