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House rules

Our house rules were established to ensure that the overall experience at the gym can be maintained for all members.

Courses & Training

The instructions of the trainers have to be followed at any time. We expect every member to be fair and considerate towards other course participants.


The Ringside Gym will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We do not accept statements that devalue others because of their origin, sexuality, religion, or the like.


Access to the respective training room is only permitted at the start of the training session or after being requested by the trainer or course instructor.


Sports bags may not be brought into the training room and must be kept in the locker rooms during classes. Training equipment and drinks may be taken into the training room and placed in the area in front.

Training clothing & protective equipment

Entry into the training rooms and exercise areas is permitted only in clean and course-specific athletic attire.


Outside the training area, slippers or indoor shoes are mandatory throughout the gym. To participate in certain classes, you need to acquire specific protective equipment.


Participation in full contact sparring is only allowed with a complete set of protective equipment: head guard, mouth guard, boxing gloves 16 oz, groin guard, and shin guards.


The equipment required for a class must be coordinated with the respective instructor.


Sports or indoor shoes are mandatory to enter the fitness area. For hygienic reasons, we ask you to place a towel on the training equipment before you use it.


Training equipment must be cleaned of sweat and impurities afterward and brought into a hygienically acceptable condition for other members.

Behavior in the fitness area

The fitness area is meant to use for training purposes only. Please use our lounge area to catch up with other members. Also, ensure all members can exercise here in a quiet, undisturbed atmosphere.


Portable equipment, such as dumbbells, discs, and the like, must be returned to its original place after use. Individual items shall not be left hanging on the equipment or be left on the floor.


In addition, we would like you to offer the fitness equipment to other members during training breaks without being asked. This way, we want to ensure that all members are able to use all the equipment at the same time.

Membership card (transponder)

Each member receives a membership card from us in the form of a transponder. This membership transponder must be brought with you each time you visit the Ringside Gym. When you enter the Gym, we ask you to sign in independently at the transponder reader at the entrance area. After successful registration, an acoustic or visual signal occurs. If you have forgotten your transponder or the reader does not recognize it, please inform us immediately at the reception desk.

Food & Drinks

The consumption of any food in the training area is prohibited! Food brought in or purchased can be consumed without restriction in the lounge area. Drinks are allowed in the whole gym.

Illnesses & Injuries

We ask you not to exercise if you have an injury that makes it unacceptable to participate in classes or use the fitness area.


In case of contagious diseases such as flu, cough, or cold infection, we would like to ask you to stay away from the training. Especially in the case of suspected highly infectious diseases such as COVID-19, we insist that all necessary measures be taken to protect yourself and all other members and gym staff from infection.

Damage to gym property

Damage to property in or on the facility will be repaired at the expense of the member who caused the damage. In case of repeated or intentional damage, the Ringside Gym has the right to ban the respective member from the facility.

Changing rooms

The locker rooms shall only be used for changing clothes. Please avoid an unnecessarily extended stay in the changing rooms and meet up with other members in the lounge area. This enables all participants to change quickly and undisturbed for their respective courses.


In the interest of all members, we also ask you to leave the lockers clean at all times. A padlock must be removed after using the lockers. Otherwise, we will have to do so.

Valuable items

The Ringside Gym assumes no liability for damage to or loss of any form of valuable items brought with you. This includes jewelry, money, electronic devices, as well as clothing, and equipment. This also applies to items placed in the locker rooms and valuables lockers.

Shower rooms

For hygienic reasons, we ask you to wear bathing shoes throughout the wet area. Please make sure to enter the changing room completely dry again after showering.

Violations of the house rules

In case of repeated or permanent violations of the house rules listed here or against the rules of decency, the Ringside Gym has the right to ban the respective member from the gym entirely.

The entire team at Ringside Gym is dedicated to providing each member with the best possible training experience. If we fail to reach this goal, please do not hesitate to bring this to our attention.


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Wir öffnen immer 15 Minuten vor dem ersten Kursbeginn.