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A pair of high-quality boxing gloves (12oz). Suitable for all Muay Thai and boxing classes.

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The foundation and basis of many centuries of martial arts: a good quality pair of boxing gloves. 12 oz boxing gloves are ideal for starting martial arts training because they are well padded. They protect knuckles and wrists and minimize the risk of injury during exercises with your training partner. We especially recommend all newcomers start with a pair of 12 oz.

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Boxing gloves have been an essential part of martial arts equipment for many centuries. 12 oz boxing gloves are ideal for training as they are well padded. This protects the knuckles and wrists and minimizes the risk of injury during exercises with each other. They are not laced but closed with solid Velcro closure to allow quick switching between exercises. Illegal techniques such as using the laces as a particularly rough attack surface are thus directly prevented. Good ventilation is also ensured, as this type is explicitly developed for long and sweaty workouts. We recommend all newcomers start with 12 oz boxing gloves. An own pair is also mandatory in beginner courses.

The brand and design of the boxing gloves may vary.

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12 oz


Synthetic (PU)


velcro fastener


foam material


Extra reinforced and handmade double seams


May vary


training and sparring

best for

Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA


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